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borbor_chan in expatriates

kitty travel!


I am moving to Amsterdam from Connecticut in a month, and am wondering about the best way to get my 2 lovely cats there. I'm good on the papers, vaccinations, etc. but am less sure about the best way to get them from point A to point B.

I am also curious about using a courier service or simply shipping them directly via an airline. I was able to finagle free standby tix over, so it might be much easier and cost only marginally more to have the cats shipped separately than to have to cancel the standby ticket and buy a 1-way in addition to the extra luggage fees. Anyone tried this?

Just wondering if any of you have any experiences with pet relocation worth sharing. Many thanks for any stories!


Normally, you contact your airline to make sure there's space for your animals in the hold. But since you're going standby, that might be difficult. Even if you were to carry the cats with you in the cabin, you'd need to let the airline know up front, because some airlines have restrictions about how many animals are allowed in the cabin at a time.

(And since there's only one of you, and two cats, there's a good chance they won't want you to have both cats with you in the cabin. Even if you have them in the same carrier, they may not go for that. Each airline has different rules.)

I would call/contact the airline ASAP and explain your situation to them, and try to get their advice about what you should do. It may be that shipping the cats would be the easier solution.

There are definitely companies in the States that do this for you. I know a woman who did exactly that - she was bringing four dogs and two cats back to the States, and was able to only bring a total of three with her on the plane, so she ended up carrying two and shipping the other four. She had some hassle, and it took a very long time for the animals to get to her (about 48 hours longer than she actually spent traveling), but it worked, and all six animals have lived to tell the tale.

The only services I know of, though, are located in D.C. I suspect there are a few in the New York City area, though - I'd be seriously surprised if there weren't - but I can't suggest any off the top of my head.

Good luck!

August 2010

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