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A home away from home

Far Away....

A home away from "home"
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Welcome to Expatriates! A support community for people who are living abroad for extended periods of time. I created this community for anyone and everyone who might have stories to share, information to spread, or questions to be answered about their adventures in locals far from “home”. I was apart of a similar community once but was told to start another community for people of my situation… I decided to just make a community that was welcoming and supporting of all expat people.

All are welcomed to post in this community, be you an Expatriate for legal reason, illegal reasons. There are a few rules to this community and they are as follows:

  • NO FLAMING. Flaming will get you banned. All are welcomed here. If you have a bitch about something, that’s fine… but if you are going to flame people, you will be kicked out. Period.

  • Stay on topic… That means this is about your experience being an Expat or questions regarding being an Expat. Little stories about your life in your new home… Talking about the newest Barry Manilow album, or how cheese makes you sick is off topic and will be removed.

Basically, that’s it… Pretty easy, isn’t it? I reserve the right to add or remove rules as needed. So long as we remember what Mr. Rodgers taught us “Be good to our neighbor”, I foresee no problems.

So have fun… post away… make new friends… discover new things. I hope you enjoy it here!