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gal w/ gun

lucy_chronicles in expatriates

More on Tax Day Tea Parties

My disgust w/ the US media continues as I await my leave of the country to Asia. Barely a few TV stations covered any mention of the Tax protest here nor around the country. Hardly any of the numbers of attendance were accurate. NBC, ABC, CBS and even Fox were busy doing other things. Those that did were shoddy to outright attempting to pit folks as Anti Obama folks and gun nuts. Here's an example link from 1 of the 2 local papers, a notoriously liberal rag owned by Greenspun companies - but their pictures are pretty good:


and of course the reports on the news here of course didn't mention hometown Vegas LP VP wayne root, nothing third party

nothing of the babies in diapers w/ $$ amts of their debt pinned to their behinds, no pictures of american flags, don't tread on me huge yellow flags all over the place, correct numbers (2k by park service, 184 and 5 dogs at post office by our count on the picket line) guy in the barrell w/ 1/2 clothes on 'taxually abused' w/ tea bags on his ears, the hundreds of veterans wearing their pins, families who came out for group picnics of all generations, soldiers in their gear combat to civil and revolutionary war w/ fake muskets, almost entirely handwritten signs w/ list of real to humorous grievances, people passing out literature from end the fed to take back the republic to immigration, dems, repubs, independents, pissed off anyone to libertarians... i'm hearing reports online on blogs to Dave Ramsey financial advisor nationally syndicated radio doing nothing but asking of people calling-in what they can report, 1280Am out of Modesto carried nationally
reporting all the numbers of people turning out all over the nation, Jerry Doyle radio of Vegas nationally syndicated reminding us that major media won't have the real if any story and the stories his listeners are calling in to tell of numbers MUCH higher than anyone anticipated...

as a friend said this evening, the opening salvo has been fired.

Now let's carry it on.

i'm stealing your Abagail Adams quote Jan. ;-)

More here from the Midwest or 'fly-over country' as some in the coast of CA would say... who apparently had 15K themselves show up.
Our Tea Party was a success too ...
> with about 200 people showing up.
> The event was located in Vandalia, IL - a small town of
> about 6,000
> people - with folks coming from many of the smaller
> communities nearby.
> It was standing room only ... in fact we were spilling out
> the front
> door of our meeting location.
> I spoke at the event, as did my husband, our Libertarian
> Chapter Chair
> and a former mayoral candidate. We had printed out
> lots of information
> from Downsize DC, the Campaign for Liberty, The Mothers
> Institute, and
> had LP brochures, pocket Constitutions and the Worlds
> Smallest Political
> Quiz to hand out as well. Those attending filled the
> donation box -
> which will not only cover the cost of the ads we ran
> promoting the
> event, but will also provided us with seed money for the
> next Tea Party
> we throw.
> The crowd was knowledgeable, energetic, very receptive to
> our speakers,
> came from all sides of the political spectrum ... and about
> 150+ left
> their contact information.
> In addition, we even managed to get some decent press
> coverage! The
> local radio station interviewed our Chapter Chair prior to
> the event and
> interviewed me after words. Plus the newspaper was
> there as well - so
> we should get some ink too :-)
> BTW, I ended my speech with the following quote from
> Abigail Adams who
> was reported to have said 11 days before the original Tea
> Party in 1773
> … “The flame is kindled and like Lightening it catches
> from Soul to
> Soul”
> And from what we are all witnessing ... the flame is
> rekindled - and
> once again is spreading from soul to soul!

And of course we are in Nevada so we have a duty to uphold come 2010 w/ another wish as well...


paying your taxes is the most patriotic thing a person can do for their country.

August 2010

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