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Garmisch, Germany

My SO and I are thinking about moving to Garmisch, Germany to be closer to family. There is a resort there at Edelweiss for the armed forces.

Do any of you work there? I'm trying to figure out whether this would be a good move for us, but I'm having trouble finding people who have worked there. It would be dorm style living quarters and hotel jobs.

I guess I'm just trying to get a feel for what that life would be like. I've been to Garmisch before to visit with the aforementioned relatives, but I've never lived or worked in Germany.


I spoke at a conference at Edelweiss. Seemed like a nice enough place, but living in civilian life in Europe the total American-ness of it really freaked me out. Things like the cash machine dispensing dollars and the super hyper friendliness that passes for American style service. It was really weird.

Man, of all the odds...

Uh, actually, yes, I work at Edelweiss. Message me (through LJ or email) to talk more about it.

Re: Man, of all the odds...

Oh wow. I knew it was an incredibly slim chance that I might find someone working there...but wow! I'll e-mail.


Re: Man, of all the odds...

Did you work at Edelweiss? My niece is considering - what are the dorms like and how far are they from the resort? Did you pay rent?
what do you have to lose?


Living in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

My wife and I moved from Dallas to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GAP) almost nine years ago. I work from my home office for a Germany subsidiary of an American company (Verizon) with a German employment contract. For the first six year, I drove almost every work day to our Munich office.

If you like winter or summer mountain sports, GAP is a fantastic place to live. Finding work on the local economy for an Americans who are not fluent in German will be challenging, but not impossible, as I can testify to. I would suggest that you Goggle Garmisch for Web sites that will more information on the town of approximately 20,000 and the area. The nearest town in the US to GAP is Telluride, Colorado in appearance although Aspen is GAP's sister city. The 1936 Winter Olympics were held in GAP and a number of World Cup events are held here annually.

The US Army is the largest employer for Americans here in GAP with Edelweiss Resort, Marshall Center, PX, Commissary, etc. If you are not here with the US Army, then obtaining a German driver's license can be challenging and expensive.

If you have any questions, please contact me at william.darden@uumail.de and I will try to answer them.

Kindest regards,


i'm also considering this so any info would be appreciated

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