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doja35 in expatriates

Moving to Australia Advice Needed

Hi there, I am going to be moving to Australia (my sister lives there and has citizenship and my mother is Australian), in fact the whole family is emigrating. However I gather there are firms that help with this process (sorting out visa's and find you a job etc they charge a fee and a percentage of your first years salary). Can anyone recommend one for me to use? I would rather use a firm that someone has used successfully.

Plus any other advice for this whole process (as it's a bit nerve-racking). I have a whole 2 year plan

Thank you in advance for your advice.


Teh medical part also worries me a bit as I have previously had cancer and am sure this will go against me even though i am fine now.

I think they're looking more for contagious diseases like TB, STD's, hepititis, etc. I don't think cancer will have any levity on whether or not you get a visa.

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Oh that's okay - I am fine with anything like that.......
Your visa may be denied but as you have family living there and have connections with Australia, you may be granted a health waiver (as my husband was) and be granted a visa.

Do not give up even if you have to go through the health waiver process. Whilst they ask for extra information, just persist, stay patient, keep up hope and you'll most likely be fine.
Well...actually, I'm afraid that it does, according to the documentation on the government sites. I do recommend at least having a consult with an immigration agent about the health issues and seeing if you might need help presenting your application.

Contagious diseases are an automatic rejection, but basically anything that makes the gov't think you might cost more in medical care than you'll pay in taxes can result in your being turned down.

This is something I've been researching because I have some mild but chronic health conditions, and that is sufficient to make it questionable as to whether our visas will be denied.

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